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Shane Black Quits Twitter

Writer/director Shane Black has quit Twitter.  Here is what you’ll find if you try to access his Twitter page… ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’.

I hadn’t been monitoring Black’s feed shortly before he quit.  But I do know there has been criticism of his new movie The Predator.  Possibly, this criticism and feedback led to the huge re-shoots that were ordered earlier this year.

In recent days, Black had been blocking fans on Twitter.  Per one user’s account;

So… Uh, apparently… I was blocked by Shane Black on Twitter.


I was going to tweet a question to him regarding the soundtrack and if there were plans to include any of the themes from the original films or if they were going with something completely new.

His page is unavailable.

Now, the only other time I tweeted him was jokingly to ask if he was going to include any pussy jokes. “For traditions sake, ya know?” I would have figured it would have given him a laugh if he read it at all.

So, that’s… That’s interesting.

Black is not the only one to get somewhat abrasive on social media over this movie.  Cinematographer Larry Fong also made sure to let some detractors know that they were wrong about CGI usage, ‘wrong as fuck‘, actually.