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St. John Teases Return Of The King

There’s talk of a movie about The King.  The latest rumor had John Cena saving the babes in a big live action movie for Paramount.  But according to voice actor Jon St. John, other things are in the works.  We should probably see at least one new Duke Nukem video game.

“There are many Duke things in the works… gamers get ready!!”.  The question has to be raised though, how are they going to get away with it.  Over the past two years there has been a massive and orchestrated attempt to politicize video games and make them ‘fall in’ with the rest of the entertainment industry.

Duke Nukem is the antithesis of all that.

In the old days, a Duke game would’ve mercilessly satirized the new, extreme, dictum.  The question is, would they have the balls?  Even before the anti-gamergate counter attack started, Duke 4 was already torn to shreds for being ‘sexist.’

Ironically, there’s probably a better chance of the Cena movie being true to the origins.

Lastly, there’s a rumor going around that the 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever is going to get some type of (free) release.  The 2001 version is actually a full game, for all intents and purposes.  Were I a betting man, I’d say the two pieces (or maybe even three) of news are related.  If there’s a new Duke game, they’ll probably release a premium edition with the old 2001 game… maybe even released alongside the film.