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Stallone Sounds Unsure About Rambo V

A while back it was claimed that Rambo V would start filming in September of this year.  The rumor was that it would shoot in Bulgaria and possibly other locations.  Given how close we’re getting to September and how little we’ve been hearing about the movie, that is looking less likely.

Now at ‘An Audience with Sylvester Stallone’, Stallone has given a tepid update on the movie at the 1:30 mark of this the following video;

‘You know actually we’re trying to come to terms on… things like, you know locations and things like that.  Hopefully it’ll work out, if not then there’s other things down the road’.  It sounds to me like Rambo V may be dead in the water.  I’m not sure that might actually be a bad thing, Stallone may have been mulling over taking the series in a Sicario direction, but maybe it’s better to leave it be.

Elsewhere, a new poster for Creed II has been released featuring Rocky Balboa.