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Well, It’s 30…

Die Hard is 30 today.  How about that?

It has never been surpassed in the sub-genre that it spawned (although Predator will probably be the only movie to oust it overall).  I mean, how many Die Hard clones have we had over the years?  One is playing right now, but again does not even have a shot.

This film has aged astonishingly well.  Its use of restraint, tempo, score, humor and kinetic rigor make it a peerless masterwork.

Such a pity then that its director is nowhere to be found.  Destroyed by a wiretapping scandal, imprisoned, released, bankrupted and relieved of his own home… where is John McTiernan?  Not even the Chinese have apparently offered him work now.

Now news can be found on him of late, or even the past two years really.  Not by me anyway.

Anyway, I would highly recommend visiting Die Hard for the 400th time on UHD.  It’s pleasing on the eye to say the least, although perhaps most might want to keep it traditional and hold off until Christmas.

So, Die Hard is 30.