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Clayne Crawford Still Pissed About Getting Fired

A while back is was said that Clayne Crawford was too difficult to work with on the Lethal Weapon TV series, therefore he was fired from the show.  Well it appears Mr. Crawford is still peeved about getting released.

In an interview with a podcast called Drinkin’Bros, Crawford details how the news of his firing first broke to him through social media, and how he’d originally assumed it would all just blow over.

“It’s a little different when you replace Becky or the mom off of Fresh Prince.  Like it’s a little — like if they’d replaced the Fresh Prince, we’d have been like what the fuck are we watching anyway? That’s why I just didn’t think it was possible,” Crawford says of his firing, noting that to this day he’s never received a phone call about not returning. “I just didn’t think they were going to get rid of me, I guess. And if they did, I thought they’d give me a buzz… just a jangle? Just grab two cans and a string and just be like, ‘You’re not coming back. We feel like this is the Damon Wayans Show and people just don’t like you. So go the fuck back to Alabama you dumb hick, thanks for playing.'”

He says when the leaks of set problems first broke he reached out to Warner Bros. Television head Peter Roth. “He said, ‘Clayne, I can’t promise you that I can save your job, but what I can tell you is that you have to make a public announcement apologizing, publicly, to Damon Wayans,'” Crawford says. “I was like, “What the fu-? Peter, why would I apologize publicly because he and I had a riff on set?’ And he’s like, ‘Clayne, that statement alone tells me you don’t want to come back.'”

Tapes were then released of Crawford behaving inappropriately, yelling and screaming about nearby children interfering with his performance.  This, Crawford says, the yelling at children, was a “blatant fucking lie”, rather he was merely abusing the hell out of the assistant director.

You can listen to the full interview on the Drinkin’Bros website.