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Gene Hackman Narrates ‘We, The Marines’ (2018)

Gene Hackman is retired. But you can get him to do certain things. One of which is narrating a new documentary on the United States Marines.

Above is the trailer for We, The Marines (2018).

The documentary covers the mythos surrounding the Corps, guided by none other than Hackman himself.  Hackman opens the 37 minute documentary with; ‘I’m Gene Hackman.  I was in the Marines.  And once you’re in the Corps, you’re in it all of your days’.

But, for anyone who has seen this documentary, they can unfortunately confirm that it is propaganda.  Check the score on the IMDb, it’s 5.1.  You might think at first that this is a low score for a documentary with good production values, narrated by Gene Hackman, and that liberals must have pegged it down for being pro-military.

But it’s likely that it was downvoted for being a different type of propaganda, maybe even by Marines themselves.

The film’s apparent raison d’etre is to promote feminism.  Practically every second shot in the film hard-sells female recruitment and involvement, even though females make up around 7% of the Marines.  One freeze frame zooms in on a woman loading her rifle, as Hackman says, zooming into her face, ‘you could say they save the best for last’.

Unfortunately, the name of this documentary is cringe.