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New Spots For ‘The Predator’

Above is a new series of TV spots for The Predator.

This film looks remarkably tone-deaf, especially for a Predator film.  That includes the promotion for the film.  We have people like Fred Dekker and Boyd Holbrook boasting about how this movie will grow out of the ‘cheesy’ original.

Yet we have dialogue like this;

“If you mom’s vagina was a video game, it would be rated ‘E’ for ‘Everyone’.”  Really?  30 years later, even people who don’t know what ‘that alien movie’ is called, can still recite the dialogue from it.  I don’t think anyone will remember that shit above.

Even the lines from Predators sounded better. (“Die, space faggot!”).  I mean if you’re going to use dialogue that children use, at least use what they actually would use.

The mid-western setting with the Super Shredder (Predator) also reminds me a lot of AVP-R.  No-one likes to be reminded of that movie.