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News: Steven Seagal, Val Kilmer Movies


Steven Seagal has allegedly pulled out all of the stops to make sure Attrition isn’t just another DTV.  At one point he was so serious, he was going to make it his first directorial effort in 23 years.  Anyway, here is the trailer for the movie, courtesy of YouTuber user Shitstain Knobknocker!

Synopsis: When a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe and his old team unite in attempts to bring her back.

Mathieu Weschler directs.  I’ve heard that this movie, while not a blockbuster, is probably costing several times a typical Seagal DTV, at least.

Obviously, the movie will be rated R.  Expect a 90 minute running time.


Maybe we don’t get enough of Val Kilmer these days.  So here is the poster and synopsis for a new creepy (VOD) movie of his headed our way.

The Super centers on the mysterious disappearance of several tenants at a luxury New York City apartment building. Phil Lodge (Flueger), the building’s new superintendent and a former NYPD officer, immediately suspects Walter (Kilmer), the strange maintenance man. With his daughters’ lives on the line, Phil must decipher the cryptic riddles in which Walter speaks to solve the disappearances before it’s too late.


Also, let’s throw this in.  Another tease for Rambo V from Sylvester Stallone…