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Shane Black Talks Predator (1987)

This will be of interest to most people here. Out promoting The Predator, the discussion in the above video quickly and rightly turns to, ‘Quick, Shane, tell us some cool shit about Predator!’ (you know, the movie some involved in this new one claims we’re trying to grow out of).

Elsewhere, Edward James Olmos has been axed from the film.

Edward James Olmos was cast in The Predator in March of 2017, however, as the September release date nears, the Battlestar Galactica star told /Film during the publicity rounds for his new FX show Mayans M.C. that he’s been cut out of the movie entirely. The good news is that Olmos doesn’t have any hard feelings about it, and cutting his character may turn out better for the movie.

The new film is released next month.