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We Need A Jack Slater Movie

Arnold’s career has been in the toilet for a while now.  Who even knows when his last good film was, years ago you had to pick the best, now you have to sit and pick through garbage.  Was it Escape Plan?

Anyway, a different angle is needed.

The success of Cobra Kai and other ‘quirky’ retro ventures makes me think Arnold should come out of left field.  Get self aware and resurrect one of the best characters of the 1990’s.  Jack Slater of course.  When in doubt, and when one’s career is in the toilet, one thing always works, satire.

Spin offs too.  Works for Quentin Tarantino when he ‘fleshes out’ smaller characters, worked for even Jean Claude Van Damme in the movie JCVD.

To be or not to be?  Be!

Seriously, what I wouldn’t give to see a full-feature Jack Slater movie.  Especially if Dave Mustaine provides music for it.  There can only be one track for the intro credits, check out the extended version of this masterpiece below.

So I say, forget Triplets.  Forget the tired and dead horse that is Terminator. give us Jack Slater!  Arnold is a bit older, but who gives a fuck.  Eastwood was no spring chicken in classics like The Rookie.

It would have to be full-bore 1980’s, with every cliché in the book included. Exploding speed boats, cocaine, one liners for dialogue etc…