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What’s That? Die Hard 6 Still Happening?

It looks like that new vision for Die Hard is still going ahead, with Len Wiseman at the helm.  To recap, they’re making another one that’ll act as both sequel and prequel, with Bruce Willis appearing as current day John McClane and someone else filling in as McClane in the 1970’s.

Now Len Wiseman has been talking about this movie:

Bonnie Bedelia has not appeared in a Die Hard movie since Die Hard 2. She’s waiting for John to call her at the end of Die Hard with a Vengeance, and the sequels had Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Jack (Jai Courtney) fulfill the role of estranged family using their mother’s maiden name Gennero to distance themselves from John.

Wiseman said that the Die Hard: Year One script, which tells parallel stories in the ‘70s and present day, features young Holly in the flashback scenes.

“There is [a young Holly],” Wiseman said. “I will tell you there is.”

Not much else was said, but it looks like Die Hard: Year One is still moving forward.