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Here’s What Bruce Willis Turned Down Expendables 3 For

Who remembers when Bruce Willis fell out with Sylvester Stallone over The Expendables 3?  A reminder; Stallone offered Willis $750,000 a day, for four day’s filming.  But Walter_B demanded $1 million dollars a day.

Not only did Stallone take to social media to also denounce laziness as well as greed, he did so in capital letters.

But while Stallone wasn’t willing to pony up $1 million a day, at the time an old news article from Motortrend revealed that Daihatsu had readied the $1 million briefcases instead.

Carmakers in Japan are willing to fork over the cash for Willis, and are willing to pay $1 million a day for a three-day TV commercial shoot.

Wow.  What a sellout.  That is greedy, even more greedy than Stallone’s $6,000 Moscow fee (for four hours).  Whereas Stallone seemingly requires a modest (…) $1,500 per hour, Willis required $41,666.  Look at old Bruno there, he’s even reading from a cue card, it’s like something from The Simpsons, like Troy McClure or something.

It’s not even a good car.  I mean look at it, it’s a tobacco box with axles.