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ManlyMovie Catches Up With Steven Seagal

This week as Attrition is on the fledgling  365flix video on demand service, we caught up with Steven Seagal as he answered a few questions.  What does Steven Seagal think of comic book/superhero hegemony in movies?  And what is the hold up for Under Siege 3?

MM: What do you think about comic book movies dominating the cinema these days?

SS: [Laughs] Listen if it turns out to be a good movie I’m happy, some of them don’t of course.  For me I like stories that are you know more organic, that real people have written, they’re about real life, more than comic books.  That’s just my humble taste.

MM: I hope Warner Bros don’t decide to make some crappy remake of Under Siege, what’s the hold up with the third movie, Under Siege 3?

SS: Once again, people talk about all the money they have and they aspire to make movies to Under Siege 2. Once we have the money I will make it.  I do not think Warners would give us the money for Under Siege 3 but they would be happy to distribute.

MM:  Well, anyway… I’d like to see a third movie (Under Siege 3) set in wintry Siberia…

SS: First of all, my father’s family is from Siberia. I love Siberia and there is nothing i would love more to set Under Siege 3 in Siberia.

It turns out that Seagal is also planning a movie based around the Triads, the Chinese mafia.  This will be his next project, so another movie set in the Orient, probably as violent and as gritty as we’d hope for.

That’s all for now…