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The End Of The Line For Steven Seagal?

Steven Seagal’s theatrical career ended some time ago.  The end of the line was maybe around Exit Wounds.  From there it seemed to delve deeper into DTV land, with no signs of ever coming back out.  Well if you thought DTV was something that would go on for ever, it seems there could be an ‘end of the line’ for that, too.

Over at the Seagal Forums, they say that Attrition (which if I remember correctly was to be one of the bigger recent Seagal movies), is being blackballed even by DTV distributors.

Here we go!

Attrition will get a very strange release. It will be released around Sept 14 on a all new streaming platform called 365 flix. A special platform created by Saradan and Phillipe Martinez. So nobody knows about this platform yet. They will release 2 movies: Attrition and General Commander (in the future). Martinez also told me that a bluray and dvd will be available, but only through their channel (so no Amazon or something like that). I don’t know anything how it will be released in Europe for example. I am very curious how they are gonna promote this worldwide, because it’s an all new streaming platform. The campaign starts Friday.

I know what many are thinking here, the sexual assault allegations have put the final nail in Seagal’s career.  However, it would only be fair to point out a second piece of news here.  The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has declined to prosecute Steven Seagal over any sex crime allegation.  Harvey Weinstein on the other hand, they’re still showing an interest in.