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‘The Predator’ Is Financial Broke Dick Dog?

The opening weekend for The Predator is not impressive.

Including $2.5m in Thursday previews, the movie earned $10.45 million Friday.  This is down from the $10.4m Friday of 2010’s Predators ($12.5m adjusted for inflation) and the $9.5m opening Tuesday (Christmas Day) of Alien vs. Predator: Requiem ($12.8m adjusted for inflation).  Those movies also cost half as much to make.

Predator 2 performed poorly at the box office ($57 million on a $35 million budget), but Predator 2 had notoriously bungled promotion (it wasn’t just because Arnold wasn’t in it) and is, you know, one of the best fucking sequels ever.

Anyway, for comparison, Requiem and Predators both went on to earn $128 million, but with a stronger start and half the budget as mentioned above.  So I suppose the early word would be that The Predator may not even break even.

Not a good look for sequels to old R rated 80’s movies.  But on the up side, there’s always RoboCop Returns.  Time to hitch our ride to that… it’s needed, because there’s trouble in the tower!

Oh and…