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Crew Sought For RoboCop Returns

It seems that this new RoboCop Returns movie is getting more tangible traction than the ill-fated Alien3 reboot, with Neill Blomkamp.

Now, Omega Underground has now learned that Dredd costume designer Diana Cilliers has joined the pre-production team. She previously worked with Blomkamp on District 9 and Chappie.  Cilliers also worked on Dredd with Karl Urban.

The new film has Terminator screenwriter Justin Rhodes doing rewrites on a previous script penned by co-creators Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner.  Blomkamp has also hinted at the return of Nancy Allen and Peter Weller.

If they get Weller I’d be surprised… or is Weller done with his lifelong shitting on RoboCop gig?  Anyway, I’m excited for this new film but also somewhat disappointed that they’re ignoring RoboCop 2.