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EXCLUSIVE: Rambo Heads To Pobiti Kamani: $100 Million Budget?

Where is Rambo V currently filming?

Well, it turns out that Sylvester Stallone and friends are currently filming in Pobiti Kamani, also known as The Stone Desert.  This is because of its rough visual likeness to Mexico and its unique topographical features.  There are unique pillars and such there which are being used to create visual character for the film.

In some ways, it’ll be like Rambo III.

Elsewhere, word in Bulgaria is that the film will have a budget of $100 million.  That seems respectable for a franchise driven by a now aged actor working outside the leotard bubble.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if this budget was ‘sexed up’ by Avi Lerner… was this something he did with The Expendables movies?

The jury is still out on Rambo V, but one thing is for sure, western movie sites are taking  keen interest in it.  Stallone’s cowboy appearance pretty much went viral.