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Exclusive: Stallone Placed In Hospital Filming Rambo V

Sylvester Stallone continues to film Rambo V on the Bulgarian leg of the shoot, which will span at least three countries.  And if you’ve been following this site for a few years, you know we have a source or two in Bulgaria.

And word came to me last night that Sylvester Stallone was admitted to a hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria, over an injury sustained during the filming of Rambo: Last Blood (tentative title).  Stallone’s injury is not said to be serious, and Stallone took the time to upload pictures of Rambo to Instagram using the hospital’s wifi.

The incident will supposedly have little to no effect on the film’s progress.

Long term Stallone fans will know that this might actually be a good omen, since Stallone repeatedly says himself that all of his best movies are accompanied by some type of physical battery on set, and this one sure did happen quickly, whatever it was.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, the man is 72 now and is fairly lean for this movie.

The word going around Bulgaria about the story is more or less the same as we’ve been hearing for a while; Rambo has a woman whose friend is disappeared by sex traffickers.  Rambo goes off to investigate and is assisted by a female journalist.