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Furious, Jump St To Get Female Spin Offs

They’re making a female spin off to the Jump Street movie series.  Never mind Ghostbusters and Ocean’s getting similar treatment going down like turds in a swimming pool, they can just blame the guaranteed fan distaste on the Russians.

Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch told Variety:

We think that there’s something fun about keeping that irreverent spirit of Jump Street, but maybe having it be told through a female undercover cop point-of-view. We’ve had enough male buddy comedies. The script is really funny and has a freshness to it.

It also looks like a Fast & Furious Female Spin-Off could be on the horizon. The car-centric, action-heavy franchise has been a massive hit for Universal, therefore the logical step is to amplify a negligible aspect of the series, but key aspect to current dicta, into a full blown feature, in order to appease the commissars who fund your operation.

Let’s predict the whitewash to follow the sure-to-be atrocious bomb.  Either; ‘Insular male audiences not yet ready to accept female-led car movies‘, or… ‘FUCKIN’ PUTIN!’