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Hilarious: Russians Behind Last Jedi Fan Dissatisfaction

Fan response to Star Wars: The Last Jedi was controversial.  Along with many feeling the franchise’s quality was now unbecoming of the name, many also felt that it was becoming too political.  Even Todd VanDerWerff of trendy site Vox found that dissatisfied fans saw the film as too ‘progressive’, disliked its humor, plot, or character arcs, or felt betrayed that it ignored fan theories.

Other mainstream sources such as the NYT and BBC backed this up.

Heat Vision reports now though that a just published academic paper by researcher Morten Bay finds that half of the online criticism aimed at the film was politically motivated.  And that, wait for it, the Russians had deployed their trolls and their trolls armed with bots.  The actual number isn’t revealed, but that isn’t stopping provocative headlines within movie journalism, with other sites slipping in a question mark despite disingenuously knowing the answer anyway.

Suffice to say, these people are unaware of how much they’re embarrassing themselves.  To take a beloved franchise and kick it to the ground with one-two blow of offering a shitty, but also weaponized, sequel, then decry the inevitable backlash as Russian intrigue, is jumping the shark at tragedy levels.

Anyway, what’s your favorite Russian Bot lie?  Another movie-based one for me, remember when details were leaked about Mr Sulu’s sordid sexual indiscretions?  Well, nothing to see there, RUSSIAN BOTS were behind that too!