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News: Carl Weathers, Rambo


Here’s a look at Carl Weathers in the new Miami Vice TV series.  Weathers has lost a fish (but not just any old fish) and requires the services of the P.I to retrieve the valuable.

I think I’m going to review this series soon and give it a fair shake, even though for many of us the only thing usually worse than a reboot is a TVboot.


And, well… Sylvester Stallone has arrived in Bulgaria for the filming of Rambo: Last Blood — this is still not the confirmed title, Stallone has been spotted recently with ‘Rambo V‘ t-shirts.

In the fifth movie, Rambo will rescue a girl from sex trafficking pissants.  Probably, most of them will be murdered.

Stallone is looking lean here.  No long hair this time it seems…