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Rumor: Van Damme In Expendables 4

Even though Jean Claude Van Damme’s character was killed off in The Expendables 2, it hasn’t stopped Van Damme promulgating the idea of a return to the series.  Years ago, he hinted that we hadn’t seen the last of Villain, or at least the Villain family.

Here is what French site eklecty has to say;

“Finally, concerning the antagonist of Expendables 4, rumors want Jean-Claude Van Damme to be back. If his character Jean Vilain and killed by Barney during a fight with his bare hands in the second episode, rumor has it that his twin brother is the antagonist of Expendables 4. JCVD has recently confided to our colleagues at FilmsActu that he is aware of the rumors, that he discusses regularly with Sly. This rumor of fans could therefore become a reality.”

According to another French site, Van Damme himself is intimating a possible return, saying: “Yes, there are rumors, ” JCVD ​​told us. ” Twins, we’ll see … we’re having fun”.  It wouldn’t be the first time Van Damme has pulled double duty.