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Aykroyd Still Beating The Dead Horse

After the dismal failure of the Ghostbusters feminist reboot, Dan Aykroyd is still beating the dead horse.  He says that Ghostbusters 3 is happening.

Ghostbusters News has the story, who reports that Aykroyd was the special guest on last night’s episode of AXS TV’s The Big Interview with Dan Rather and revealed they are currently working on the screenplay that, get this, allegedly could have the support of Murray.

“There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters,” said Aykroyd. “It’s being written right now.”

He added:

“I think Billy will come. The story’s so good. Even if he plays a ghost.”

Harold Ramis is dead and the soup has been pissed in.  How are you going to square those circles?  They’re not really going to have a CGI Egon ghost are they?

Oh well, there’s always this;