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Brad Pitt Will Never Again Marry Another Woman

Brad Pitt is a walking meme as far as what females desire in a man.  Yet even Brad Pitt is crawling out from under the divorce bus.  According to Radar Online Pitt has vowed to ‘never, ever’ get married again.

Pitt is looking for joint custody of his children with ex wife Angelina Jolie, but the latter wants full custody.  A two year divorce battle is ongoing.

Sympathy for Brad Pitt has gone up in recent times, it sounds like Pitt is up against a real nut in Angelina Jolie, and things don’t look good for even him in a gynocentric society.  It also helps that Pitt threatened to beat the shit out of super perv Harvey Weinstein.

According to one source, Pitt even threatened the sex fiend with murder.