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Concern Over Political Intrusion In Terminator: Phoenix

There is concern emerging on social media over what is being revealed about Terminator: Phoenix (Terminator 6).

The above video condenses those concerns and discusses why they exist.

terminator 6, or, the terminator, terminator reboot, has officially wrapped and, in a recent interview, Natalia Reyes confirmed the heavy political narrative of the movie, focussing on the US Mexican border, and the issues at hand today.
terminator is getting political everybody.
let me break down why I think politics will destroy this movie

Basically, it is now said (by a member of the cast herself) that the movie will be ‘current’ with regards to what is happening on the U.S./Mexican border at the minute.  There are also concerns of feminist propaganda also using this movie as a battering ram, as is discussed in the video above.

So what do you think?

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