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Jackson Still Planning Dam Busters Remake

A few years back it was suggested that Peter Jackson was going to tackle a big remake of The Dam Busters.  Then the line went dead and people assumed it wasn’t happening.  Well in a brief update this week Jackson tells Empire;

“I’m thinking about ways to get that off the ground, if you’ll excuse the pun.”

They say the film is still being planned.

A while back, Jackson addressed the remake.

“It’s a very beloved story. I’ve had so many people the last five years come and ask, ‘When are you going to remake The Dam Busters? When are you going to make The Dam Busters?’ Honestly, you ask me what I got out of five years of making The Hobbit? It was me feeling like I have to make The Dam Busters, because of the endless people asking, ‘When are you going to make The Dam Busters?’

We still have the rights, and it’s one in a little pot of movies. We don’t have a next movie nailed down, but certainly ‘The Dam Busters ‘is one of them. There is only a limited span I can abide, of people driving me nuts asking me when I’m going to do that project. So I’ll have to do it. I want to, actually, it’s one of the truly great true stories of the Second World War, a wonderful, wonderful story.”