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Neeson Be Robbing Them Banks


Even as someone working a site that’s supposed to keep up with this stuff, I honestly couldn’t remember if this newly announced Liam Neeson movie was that one announced recently, or yet another one.  He seems to be on the same streak of Charles Bronson-esque movies.

Neeson will play An Honest Thief, a movie about a man who meets the love his life in Annie (Walsh), a worker at the front desk of a storage facility where he hid $7M in stolen loot. They fall head over heels, and he resolves to wipe the slate clean by turning himself in. When the case is turned over to a crooked FBI agent, everything becomes more dangerous and difficult.

From Mark Williams, who co-created the fairly good Ozark, Jeffrey Donovan, Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos also star.  The film will supposedly have a budget of around 30 million.