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They Live Hits 30

They Live has hit 30.  The original John Carpenter movie starred Rowdy Roddy Piper as a man who could suddenly see who was really running things, literally.  The film was a modest success financially, but has gone on to be a cult classic.

It also has one of the best fight scenes you’re going to see in a film.

John Carpenter was recently asked about They Live 2.  He said that at one point, Matt Reeves was supposed to helm the project but moved on.

Then Carpenter responded to how he himself would approach a modern-day take on the film, and the filmmaker said: “Well, I’m not gonna tell you about that, because it might be closer to reality than you think…. The sequel is, well, we’ll see. We’ll just have to see.”

The original was cutting edge because it challenged the power of the ‘Deep State’ and the insouciant pissants who enable it.  But will this new movie actually keep up that rebelliousness?