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Vote Rigging On The IMDb: Nov Edition

Apparently, 560 people have seen John Cusack’s latest VODmit yarn before it has even been released.  People are enthralled with River Runs Red, they consider it a majestic masterpiece.  311 found it worthy of a 9/10.  250 gushed with outright 10/10s.

It looks like one of those movies where Cusack shows up in a black cap for a few hours work, enough to get him spliced into a two minute trailer.  A cameo con, or at least it would be if people even remembered who the fuck Cusack is.

Check out the status below, just prior to its release (today):

Gee, they must really like this movie.  Either that, or some suspect shit is happening, again, with IMDb’s voting system.  It does make you wonder… all of those shit blockbusters than have eye-opening verdicts on the IMDb; how many of those are genuine? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to check out some bloated trashy sequel, the worst yet, only to find cast iron heavyweight 7.0s and even 8.0s, scores that are really hard to get on the IMDb. Or maybe the masses are getting dumber as prolefeed gets worse.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the single worst piece of vote rigging in online history, found by yours truly a year ago;

Ever heard of contemporary classic war movie, The Mountain II?  No?  You must be behind the times and not one of the 90,000 who have so far watched it, with over 85,000 of those being blown away!  In short; Turkish propaganda movie has 90,000 fake glowing votes.

Thankfully I haven’t been sued yet for charging the Turkish despot regime of underhanded mendacious doings, we know that this is what that mature government does when lowly pissant journalists in Germany criticize them.