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UPDATED: Picard Returning For Star Trek

UPDATED:  Looks like Picard is still boldly going.

At the 46th Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, new CBS CCO David Nevins says: “In 2019, it’s not one ‘Star Trek,’ it’s two ‘Star Treks.’ ‘Discovery’ at the beginning of the year, and Picard will start at the end of the year.”

No title for it yet, but it’ll be good to see old baldy laying down the law like Hemsworth or those other post-TNG pissant captains could not.

He’ll probably be an admiral now…

PREVIOUSLY: Well, it looks like Picard himself has made this official.  Engage!

Apparently, the Star Trek franchise is going to expand in several directions.  One direction is to create a new series set at Star Fleet Academy.

Who cares about that though, because the intriguing possibility is a new Star Trek series starring Patrick Stewart, who would reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. According to THR:

The new deal comes as rumblings about another Star Trek series, featuring Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Capt. Pickard, have been heating up. Sources say Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman, who left Discovery after season one, are attached to the Stewart-led reboot. CBS TV Studios declined to confirm the Stewart project as sources say a deal is far from completed and may not happen despite the fact that the actor recently teased his potential return to the franchise.

That doesn’t necessarily mean The Next Generation is getting a new series, it’s probably now Admiral Picard off somewhere else, with a different cast.

But… you know, fucking Picard!  Bring it on I say…