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Diesel To Produce TV Cop Show

Coming off yet another deluge of news about Wasp Men, Bumblebee Men, Ferret Men and other assorted leotard trash, we root out some news that Vin Diesel is going to use his producing power for some TV work that features (somewhat) normal humans.  Often it’s TV we have to go to for non neckbeard prolefeed.  NBC has begun development of the crime drama Conway at One Race TV and Universal Television with Vin Diesel set to executive produce.

It’ll follow St. Louis detective Cal Conway who finds his world forever changed when he wakes up from a coma with exceptional cognitive abilities.  Maybe it’ll be like that excellent movie Limitless.

Returning to the force, he sets out to solve the city’s most complex cases, but the discovery of a lethal side effect makes Cal wonder whether his new abilities are more of a blessing or a curse.

The premise is based on an actual real-world condition that affects only around fifty people across the world. Umansky and Shana C. Waterman will also executive produce.