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Lundgren Compares Stallone To Spielberg

George Lucas may have created the biggest franchise ever in Star Wars.  But someone else is good at creating franchise/s, and that person is Sylvester Stallone.  Often the butt of jokes by film snobs, Dolph Lundgren however has an IQ of 814 and declares Stallone to be up there with Steven Spielberg.

“You don’t create three franchises – ‘Rocky’, ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Expendables’ – by being stupid, that’s for sure.

“There’s him and there’s maybe … who else? Maybe Spielberg has done stuff like that … Lucas … He’s up there.”

How many franchises has Lucas created anyway?  Other than Star Wars?  It’s a pity though that Lundgren indirectly acknowledges a big problem with The Expendables in the same article: “Then we did three ‘Expendables’, a little more cartoonish and we’re just cracking a few jokes”

One thing Stallone is not good at is humor.