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The King’s Movie Still Moving Ahead

At this point the movie adaptation of Duke Nukem might start creeping up on the development time of Duke 4.  Jean-Julien Baronnet, producer for Assassin’s Creed, has come aboard Duke Nukem.

Baronnet and Gearbox Software are teaming to adapt the iconic 1990s action platform game into a live-action feature film. John Cena was rumored as a possible star earlier this year with Paramount Studios and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes attached at the time, but Paramount is no longer involved in the project.

Gearbox’s Sean Haren says it is ripe for a Deadpool-esque franchise: “He [Duke] is a parody of 1980s action heroes and he’s like Deadpool in terms of being able to break the fourth wall. We see a lot of humor in his confronting the values of today while trying to save the world.”

There hasn’t been a new game in a while.  The last game was savaged by social justice warrior game critics who were aghast that the game featured 1990’s-style humor.