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‘The Predator’ Was Going To Feature Ellen Ripley

In more proof that The Predator was nothing better than a Paul W.S. Anderson effort, perhaps even worse, we learn that the movie was close to featuring Ellen Ripley.

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We shot 3 different endings for #thepredator, all variations of a "Predator Killer". This unused ending was Predator Killer Ripley wearing the breather mask we created for the film. You can see her name tag there on her costume. Breanna Watkins played Ripley under the mask instead of Sigourney Weaver. The moving "fingers" and "tail" were deemed too facehugger-like on the day and were cut and removed by someone… ✂️ Sorry @jon_k_miller who headed up making the breather mask for us @thestudioadi with @saratheterra @ape5150 Zac Teller and Lord Garth but they made me do it! Michael Diner and his amazing Vancouver crew made the pod. All in no time flat. More #bts to follow…🎬🎥 #flashbackfriday #avpgalaxy

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You can’t gimmick your way out of being crappy.  Ellen Ripley was supposedly born in 2050 anyway.  Then entered suspended animation, before reemerging 50 years later, for a brief bug rendezvous before being burned alive, only to show up an additional 200 years later in cloned form, back on Earth – this is the only place a Predator can pick up an Lt. Ripley.

So if they’ve mastered time travel it renders most of their troubles in the film a minor inconvenience.