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UPDATED: Seagal Is The ‘General Commander’

UPDATED:  You can check out Sensei Seagal in a new trailer for this show by clicking here.  And even better, above is a picture of Chuck Norris with The Master!

PREVIOUSLY: If you have been waiting for a fix of Steven Seagal news, then it is time to check out the latest on what he is up to.  He will appear in an upcoming TV series, titled General Commander.  Above is the trailer.

According to Saradan Media, which is producing the show, Jake Alexander (Sensei Seagal) is a CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) contractor, Southeast Asia division.  He is sent on assignment to Macau to apprehend international banker money launderer Walter Thompson.  Aided by Macau police chief Chau Ho-Yan, Jake captures Thompson, with the intention of turning Thompson into a witness against those for whom he launders money.  But the mission runs afoul when Seagal butts heads with some arms dealers and the situation deteriorates.

One thing we’ve also learned from this trailer is that some men just happen to carry big, fuck-off knives around in their coat pockets…

But isn’t that what all manly men do?  In fact I bet Steven Seagal has two or three knives at a given time (we know in real life he carries a gun).

The series will have a 12 episode run, with a million dollar budget for each episode.  The series will span America, Asia and Europe, with two episodes being filmed in each country with New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major cities being at the centre.