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News: Rambo 5, Die Hard 6


Here’s a new image from Rambo 5.  The classic Rambo hair seems to have disappeared, but the classic Rambo bow and arrow seems to have returned.

In this fifth and supposedly final movie, Rambo will rescue a girl from pissant sex traffickers.

One thing is known for sure, sex fiends will get stabbed in the heart by John Rambo, the new knife is even called ‘The Heart Stopper’.


While promoting Bumblebee, producer Di Bonaventura expressed hopes to make Die Hard 6 R-Rated. “Wiseman directed the only PG-13 Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard, where McClane’s iconic catchphrase had to be muffled by a gunshot. Although Live Free or Die Hard was a hit, fans felt it wasn’t right to make the franchise family-friendly,” Fred Topel of SF observed. “There is a lot more to making a good movie than a rating. 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard was rated R, but Die Hard fans were also unsatisfied by that film,” added Topel.

Mississippi-based actor Jeremy Sande (Deepwater Horizon) is also angling to play the young John McClane in the upcoming film. “My degree of separation isn’t very far at all,” he told MH. “I blasted a couple of representatives and publicists. I’m picking up the bread crumbs and seeing where they lead me. It sounds crazy but if it works then I’m a genius.”

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