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Rotten Tomatoes Removes Comments

Rotten Tomatoes is now removing the ability to comment on movies before they’re released.  According to, this is to stem a flow of sexist commentary.

The Ghostbusters “fans” did this by downvoting the trailer for Paul Feige’s female-led reboot, Marvel Studios “fans” intentionally tried to tank the Rotten Tomatoes score of Black Panther, and just recently a small group of devoted misogynists targeted Captain Marvel’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, bringing it down to 40% despite the fact that—aside from critics—no one has seen the movie yet. I wOnDer WhAt ThE cOmMoN dEnoMiNaToR bEtWeEn ThEsE mOvIeS cOuLd Be.

Could it have something to do with Brie Larson getting ideas above her station and making extremist political comments, even though she is an actress and nothing more?  Comments which were made before this alleged troll bombing?