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Something’s Rotten On Rotten Tomatoes

There are strange goings on on Rotten Tomatoes.  The gulf between fan satisfaction and select reviewers is growing, to the point of suspicion, for fans of that series.  Below YouTuber ‘Nerdrotic’ says something is up.

In keeping with the far left (by design) trajectory that the west is on, Doctor Who’s writers/producers evidently were the latest to get the ‘order’ (make it a women or else!).  But apparently fans are not happy.

Strangely, reviewers were overwhelmingly happy and as the video commentator notes below, some critics praised the show through a political lens instead of taking it as the latest outing of a decades-old British entertainment institution.

So, propaganda has kicked into a higher gear now.  And how much of the RT reviewer screening process is to blame?  In this case of getting woke though, DW will not go broke.  It is a BBC programme, and no matter what happens, the plebs are forced to fund it, even if it’s catastrophically shit… it’s called the TV license, where viewers must – by threat of criminal prosecution – pay to fund fake news, annually.