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Blade To Get Forced Female Update

The latest movie series to get a ‘forced female update’ is… Blade.

Marvel is said to be quietly readying a new R-rated movie in the series, with Wesley Snipes returning.  WeGotThisCovered however says that the new movie will have somewhat of a twist, with Wesley Snipes’ character ‘passing the torch’ to his daughter.

So, here we go again with Hollywood shitting where they eat.

I suppose they envision a new trilogy with a female ‘Blade’ as the lead.  Just a small problem however, no-one wants to see anyone but Wesley Snipes as the lead.  People are also sick of woke bullshit.  It’s actually starting to become amazing how detached these people are from consumers, and reality.

We’re just going to plow ahead anyway.  Then shut down comments sections.