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China Wants To Become Movie Superpower

The growth of China continues apace.  Virtually everything seems to have been injected with a hefty dose of steroids.  One of their next targets is going to be Germany, with ‘China 2025’ set to really kick that economy in the balls.

Another area is growth is going to be in movie making.

Wang Xiaohui, executive deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department and director of the National Film Bureau, spoke about the country’s cinematic aims at a nationwide industry symposium in Beijing the other day attended by Government officials, film scholars, film company reps and industry associations.

Wang was named the head of China’s film bureau last May, following a major government restructuring, and has said China’s catching up to Hollywood is not happening quickly enough.  Wang says more resources will be directed to propaganda to make Chinese movies the biggest in the world by 2035.  Wang also says this drive will be fueled by ‘realistic’ movies.

I’m going to go ahead and make the not-so-bold prediction of saying that… it’ll probably happen.  Will it be propaganda?  Obviously.  But what do you think Hollywood is?  Worse than propaganda, an outright psyop at this point, without even extending us the courtesy of making it digestible.  You know that good propaganda is supposed to make you forget that it’s propaganda, right?  Not have people coming after you with pitchforks.

The next film I have been offered to review is an upcoming Asian action movie.  I look forward to it.  Hollywood stuff?  Not so much.