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The Abyss 4K Remaster Soon?

The Abyss never showed up on Blu-Ray  Now we’ve passed Blu-Ray and we’re into the 4K generation.  Will we see it this time?

Skip Kimball is a colorist of over two decades and currently works at Deluxe’s Efilm. His most recent work includes Deadpool 2 and he’s worked with James Cameron numerous times such as on films like Avatar and remastering Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Now he’s been teasing a 4K HDR remaster of The Abyss, showing a photo of the film’s opening credits playing in a studio at Efilm with the caption: “This is happening on stage one this weekend” along with hashtags like “theabyssbluray,” “colorgrading,” “4k,” “hdr,” “remaster” along with “blackmagicdesign” and “davinciresolve15” which refers to Hollywood-grade video editing software.

But what about True Lies?