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Manlet Actors Trying to Appear Taller

Well!  Sometimes you just gotta wonder.  How insecure are certain people in the industry of entertainment, particularly when it comes to height?  I don’t care about women doing this, that’s their thing, very normal.  However, it’s time someone called out male actors doing this and actually deem them what they truly are – manlets, in the physical and mental sense. Here are a few photos of the extent some manlet actors will go to in an attempt to appear taller than they actually are.  I’ve saved the best for last, Dominic Toretto himself.

First off, we see a tactic used at promotional events.  When the cameras are turned on the manlet, it begins to stretch its spine and attempt to squeeze in a few inches on us.  But when things really start rolling and the flashes start, that’s not enough.  Then, the manlet actually stands on its toes and hopes that no-one will notice.  In fact, from this description if I had not got the pictures to prove it, you’d think I’m lying.  Here is the first example.

To the left is manlet Colin Farrell.  Hey Colin, what are you doing there?  Now upon first glance you might think that the guy is just extremely bored and is just becoming agitated standing on one spot or something, a freak anamoly.

Well let’s prove that this is not a freak episode but an actual tactic, because here are two more offenders.

French plutocrat Nicolas Sarkozy wants to hang with former American kleptocrat POTUS Obama.  However appearances must be kept up as the midget pulls his best stretch armstrong routine, then prepares for take off by standing on his toes.

Still not convinced that people are actually doing this?  See below, Irish manlet Jonathan Rhys Meyers tries to squeeze a few in standing beside a female associate (that guy doesn’t date females, right?), and even despite that is still shorter than her.  Look at the guilt on his face.

Ready for lift off

Next, we’re going to talk about covert growth, when manlets try to sneak in an inch or four via some suspect shoe action.  Some use commercial shoes with larger soles.  Some purchase custom made shoes with padding inside, some do both, wear large soled shoes with padding inside too.

Some, like Robert Downey Jr. (see below) outright steals his wife’s high-heeled platform shoes (and pants too it seems).  Others, like George Clooney, shamelessly stand atop a crate.

Robert Downey Jr. What the fuck?

What’s going on inside those shoes pal?!

Yes, Stallone, you too. Arnie is 6’2 without breaking a sweat, but Sly catches up with some Buzz Aldrin footwear here

Let’s talk about the worst offender though.  Worse than even Tom Cruise.  I’d always wondered what height Vin Diesel was.  Then wonder turned to suspicion when the guy started appearing alongside The Rock.  Now y’see, The Rock is 6’3 throughout the day.  And I would never have marked Vin Diesel at anything over 5’11, probably 5’10 or less.  In the picture below, Diesel is almost level with Chuck Norris, who is 5’8.5 or an inch taller wearing boots.

Yet in the picture to the right, Diesel is damned near the same height as The Rock, looking like he’s 6’2.  Diesel has grown four inches in a shot that is conveniently missing anything below the waist.
The final picture below probably says it all though.  The People’s Champ on the right is 6’3 or 6’4. The Rock is just hanging out, slouching even.  But look at Diesel.  First, it’s obvious he’s wearing lifts.  Second, look at the superhuman stretch and puffing going on – this is possibly the most awkward photo pose ever, the guy looks like he shit himself.  Diesel is stretching his legs, back and neck.  It looks like he just came out of some serious spinal surgery.  Somehow a 5’9 actor is appearing to be 6’2 tall. What a feat!