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Reeves Rumored For Hobbs & Shaw

Those Fast & Furious movies like their surprise ending scenes.  You had Vin Diesel show up at the end of Tokyo Drift, then Jason Statham show up at the end of Fast & Furious.  And now, although it’s only a rumor, John Wick himself will supposedly show up at the end of Hobbs and Shaw.

A new report at That Hashtag Show claims that Keanu Reeves is slated to be some type of super villain in the series.

Elsewhere, Vin Diesel announced on social media that John Cena will join The Fast & the Furious 9.

Speaking of surprise end scenes and wrestlers, Vin Diesel reportedly had a scene featuring The Rock and Jason Statham removed from The Fate of the Furious, which set up Hobbs and Shaw.

Perhaps Diesel and Cena are united in their hatred of The Rock now.  Anyway, I don’t have hopes for either movie.  Both appear to have been infected with Avengers syndrome.