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Triple Frontier A Hit With Women

The film may have been a rarer entry aimed solely at men, not only refusing tedious romantic subplots but lamenting the problem of divorce rape.  But that doesn’t mean Triple Frontier was disliked by women, in fact, it has been a hit with women.

One of the film’s producers, Alex Gartner, has revealed to Cinema Blend that it has been a smash hit with female viewers:

“[Triple Frontier] also played incredibly well with women. I mean, it always tested well with women. … I think that the great cast we managed to assemble drew them in, but then they really responded to the movie. I think that’s another positive of having Netflix as our partner and our platform, because I think it reached a lot of people, and maybe people who, based on the genre, might not have been reached as quickly. I found it really personally satisfying.”

So bean counters… take notice and stop shoe horning.