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Batwoman Trailer Plumbs New Depths Of Cringe

Here is the trailer for Batwoman. It is so unintentionally hilarious.

The theme appears to be How I Smashed the Patriarchy (and other tales of signaled virtue).  It’s so awful, that it could be worth watching.  Batwoman wants women to be appreciated for being strong and successful, by moving into her billionaire cousin’s house, leeching off his resources, taking a suit a man designed and demanding that another man make the suit fit her.

Bitch, where’s your own suit?!

Is it satire?  Who knows.  We must invoke Poe’s Law.

What is for sure is that the trailer is going down like a turd in a swimming pool, look at the dislikes.  I also like how they try to ram home a theme of inclusion, but could not hire an average looking woman.  Michael Keaton was not a male model, so why are these super progressives ugly-shaming?  Batwoman will kick your ass… just after she gets the makeup fixed under the cowl.

Anyway, the whole affair is best summed up by the top YouTube comment: