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Cliffhanger Getting Female Reboot

The question of which classic franchise/movie will get the ‘woke’ treatment is answered today, as Deadline reports that Cliffhanger is getting a reboot with a female lead.  The film will also have a female director, and even a teaser banner featuring a female hanging off a cliff.

In a zeitgeisty twist, the reimagined, big-canvas package will have a female lead — casting is underway — and a female director in the shape of Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night). Aquaman star Jason Momoa is talks for a key cameo.

Deadline also claims that fans are crying out for ‘bold departures’, as far as reboots go.  Perhaps they missed the point that fans are crying out for the exact opposite?  Cobra Kai – raging success that channeled nostalgia.  Ghostbusters – epic farce, that tried ‘bold departure’.  RoboCop Returns – a premise that seems to have sold itself on the former.

Anyway this seems to have once and for all buried Sylvester Stallone’s once-touted sequel, rumored to be called ‘The Dam’, and set to have Stallone’s character ‘Gabe’ take on pissants amidst a heist, atop the dizzying heights of a huge dam.