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Couture: Expendables 4 Filming This Summer

Here’s Randy Couture talking about The Expendables 4.  In the video above, Couture says the movie commences soon.

They’re saying this summer.  Toll Road is still alive.  They’re shooting this summer, yeah.  Sly has just been so busy with Creed II and the new Rambo, now it sounds like it’s finally coming around.  They’ve got a script and I’m excited to read it.

The latest rumor has the film headed to Tunisia to shoot there.  One can postulate that humanity’s favorite sons (Jihadi nutjobs) may act as antagonists somehow.  One thing for sure is that Gregory Poirier is the writer of this film. Previous credits include National Treasure: Book of Secrets, among a longer list of underperforming children’s movies.

That said, Randy Couture has the Expendables 4 shooting ‘any day now’ for years.