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McTiernan Directing New Actioner Set In Space

It appears that John McTiernan is not done yet.  He and Uma Thurman appear to be prepping a new actioner set in space, sort of, at least on a far-flung planet.

According to Screen Daily McT wrote and will direct Tau Ceti 4.

Tau Ceti 4 takes place on the war-torn fourth planet in the remote Tau Ceti solar system, where three heavily armed strangers show up, size up the various oligarchs and military thugs who terrorise the place, and set about killing every single one of them. CAA and Paradigm jointly represent North American rights.

I know one thing.  Such a movie may require fundamental CGI, and if it does McT will not relent to cheap crap.  This I gleaned from Larry Taylor’s autobiography.  McT had mandated in the (recent) past that he gets to sample CGI before committing to an independent movie or its producers.