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Stallone: Cobra Getting TV Series

There is a lot of crime around at the minute that needs a cure.  According to news from Deadline, a Cobra TV series is even in early development!

That (conceit) was what if Bruce Springsteen had a gun? That was rock n’ roll meets drama. That should have been another franchise because that character was so cool. And I blew it. My personal life got in the way. But we’re trying to bring it back as a streaming TV series. Bring out the zombie squad,” Stallone told the Cannes crowd. He added:

“I’m long gone, but the idea is really good.”

So, no Cobretti.  But what about notorious pig-killers The New World?  Probably disbanded.  I wonder if Cobra, if it indeed gets a series, was inspired by other 80’s revival show Cobra Kai?