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YouTube Announces Cobra Kai Season 3, Free S1/S2

The announcement has taken a bit longer than the announcement for the second season, but YouTube has revealed that Cobra Kai is getting its third series.

From August 29th to September 11th 2019, YouTube also plans to make Season 1 of Cobra Kai available to all users globally for free (with commercials). Season 2 gets the same treatment from September 11th but with it, episodes will be released weekly.

So if you have not had access to YouTube Red, you can still eventually check the series out.  It has been immensely popular and more proof that the writing is on the wall for ‘cord’ television, with more cord cutting happening now than ever.

Old TV is retaliating by upping the stakes in the live department.  Live weekly serial television (such as sports) is still attractive to advertisers, and it still won’t screw viewers over with buffering.  This is one of the reasons former WCW owners Warner/Turner have (almost) irrationally pumped 90 million into a new wrestling company, scheduled for a fall debut (All Elite Wrestling).